Artwork Credits

The beautiful banner artwork on the home page features three paintings by the renowned Trentina artist Paola de Manincor of Lavis. Her images bring to life the magic and wonder of the women in the folk stories of the Trentino region. These illustrations are from a collection of folk stories Donne e Bambine recently published by the Autonomous Province of Trento.  Paola de Manincor’s murals are found throughout the world in locations where Trentino people have immigrated and beyond, as well as throughout Trentino. My deep thanks to the artist’s family for permission to use her images. Although I did not have the privilege of meeting Paola de Manincor while she was alive,  I hope to view the rich legacy of her murals, which feature themes of immigration.

It is my aim to feature Trentino artists whose illustrations help visualize the rich oral tradition and folk culture of the Italian Alps.